Family Biographies

If you have a lot of pictures, letters, documents and other important information about your family and you would like to have somebody who can put all together in one life story don't bother to contact with us. Our long time experience in preparing written documents let us help other people. We know how to create a story or a small book to gave you interesting materials for every generation in your family.

Who told you that history is boring? It shouldn't be! The history is people who had their moments, made he mistakes, loved and sometimes cried. There are emotions which are hard to understand in these days. We didn't experience what our ancestors came through to give their families a better life in a new world - no matter if it was United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or other european country.

These persons gave us the freedom of speech, choice and possibility of being educated. In XIXth century Poland they wouldn't have that opportunity. Our ancestors's every day was spent on hard work on the field, growing vegetables and fruit and breeding of fodder animals. Their only property were their own hands ready to work. 

They did not need much but they wanted to provide
a better future for their children.

We may say that this a story of every one of us. All our ancestors devoted themselves leaving their home, country and relatives to give us the chance for better future. This is our responsibility to pay them tribute to and truly present their fate so that future generations will not forget about them.