Ancestral Journeys

If you are planning to visit Poland, see the places where your ancestors lived or meet some not known relatives, we can help you to organize all - the travel plan, accommodation, transport, family reunion and much more.

Visiting the family country may be related to many strong feelings, may move and give joy. It can be also stressful when you go to a place where some people don’t know English, like in the villages. You will need someone who can assist and translate in the family meeting. We offer you also that kind of help. Every special service can be done just for your belief that Poland is the place worth seeing even once in a lifetime.

We collaborate with local tour guides and historians who can tell you more about the region’s culture and historical events.
If your ancestor was a person known in his/her place of living probably some documents related to him/her survived and there can be found somewhere. Our priority is finding for you in some archive or office every information which was written about your relative and survived to this day.

Contact us to prepare for your visit to Poland. We will help you with all details of travel.