Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information I should bring to you to start the research?

In the beginning we need for sure every detail you know, every name (including woman's family last name), date, place of living, date, and place of immigration. The more information we know the better.

The best would be if you have the names of parents, siblings, or other related persons. Sometimes these connections help to find any important clues to continue the research. Additionally documents, letters, vital records (birth, marriage, death) might be also a very precious sources of information.


2. What to expect while working with a professional genealogist?

Regardless of the type of service, all of our research will be fully sourced with only the most reputable records, focusing on original documents of unquestioned integrity. Do you have any requests or are you uncertain which of our services are right for you?

Send us a request for a free, no-obligation consultation and we will tell you more details about what we can do in your case.

Our rates compete with other genealogical companies. We propose you reasonable prices for our services as we work alone and do not have extra costs for a team of employees. The hourly fee includes research, analysis, and report preparation. Expenses such as archive fees, postage, and database search fees are included in the total settlement amount. At every stage of the research, you will get from us the family tree and the photos of vital records or other documents.

If you need any document translation we can do it additionally. Every research project is usually completed between three to six weeks after payment. We do our best to complete your research as quickly as possible.

It can take longer than we thought when records need to be ordered from different archives.
In that circumstances, you will be notified about this fact.


3. How long I need to wait until I get the results?

Every research is different. The time we need for realization of our services depends on many factors, such as the availability of the books or microfilms (in some archives you have to sign up for specific dates of the visit), archive or church location or difficult access to record books.

If we cannot get the data in one place we always search for another way to obtain the copies - in the past, the priests were required to copy record books and send them to the archives. Some of them respected this law but not everyone. And our task is to determine if and where vital records from the place you are interested in. We should provide the first results in the time between 2 weeks and 1 month.
If we need more time we consult this with you and precise how long it can take.


4. Do you do the researches in the whole of Poland? Where else?

Yes, we have the access to all polish archives and parishes.
We work with local genealogists and this is how we can manage the information in a faster way.
In our offer are also the researches in the archives of Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Belarus.


5. How much will I pay for the research?

It all depends on what results do you expect to have. Should it be small research just to confirm some data you already have
or you just have one name and a date but no place of origin and we need to check many places before we will find the correct one.

You may also set a spending limit in a given month or another part of the time. Please ask one of us about the terms and payments.
We are flexible to find the best option for every budget.


6. Should I pay you extra for the vital records you will find?

No, every vital record which we will find in parishes or archives you will get free.

In our team the rule is one - you don't pay for the documents if we didn't pay for the copies. Then in the situation when we need to find some document in Civil State Office and there is a fee for this document we inform you first and just the small cost is added to the total bill.

There are no hidden costs in the Migrant Center of the Research. That would be mean and this is not who we are. We appreciate that you chose our company to help you with the research and we will do what we can to find for you as many generations as we can.


7. Can you give me a guarantee of a positive result?

We would love to do this for every of our clients. But we cannot. In some cases, every single tip leads to a specific place and when we check the records, we cannot find anyone. Why is this happening?

Mostly on the immigration documents the places were written in a wrong way or the village of the ancestors had a name difficult to write and they told that they were from a bigger place around. Then we never give up knowing this fact. Just we are still looking.

In our history, we had situations when we had to read the indexes from every parish in the area until we found something.
But it was worth it.


8. What other services do you offer?

If you are interested in we can translate the documents, letters, or vital records from Latin or Russian to English or Polish. / Details here.

Another action we take is the organization of the travels to Poland. We can help you to visit the places related to your ancestors and we will show you the beautiful places in Poland you wouldn't imagine. / For more please look here.

We are helping also in finding missing family members. Our favorite thing is preparing a Family reunion.
It's amazing to see so many happy people together. This is why we love our work so much!

Looking for the graves on the cemeteries is also available. If you don't know if someone takes care of the family grave we can go there, check and leave a message just in case that someone familiar will show and read this piece of paper. / More information here.

The last but our most important initiative is to provide help and advice to everyone who was adopted as a child (from Poland) and now wants to find a biological family. We know this is a very hard and delicate matter. The results are not always what you would expect. But the need to discover yourself may overcome all adversities. And we are here to let you find the answers you need so much./ More here.


9. How can I pay for your services?

The most popular option to pay is using PayPal platform. It is easy, safe and you don't even need to have the account on PayPal website.
The only thing you need to have is credit card. We are sending you the invoice on your e-mail address and when you click on the link in our message you will be instructed how to pay.

Of course we do not require this type of payment. If you prefer you can send us money via bank transfer. But please be informed that we do not accept the cash payments.


10. Should I pay you in Zloty, Dollars, Euros or another currency?

The currency is related to the place where are you living now. In Poland, you would be charged in polish zloty.

For European Union's residents (including United Kingdom) we will prepare the bills in Euros, and for the rest of the world
(USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.) - in USD.