Documents' Translations

In our offer, there are also translations of every document you share with us. There can be simply vital records to translate but also you may want to understand some letters sent to your family from relatives in Poland in the past. In some cases, the handwritten letter is hard to read, even for the person who was born in Poland. Many words are written with specific dialect speech and we need to spend some time to understand the sense before translating. 

We appreciate that you share your family stories with us. We are very motivated by the fact that we can help you understand what your ancestors were like, what people they were, and what they felt. Genealogy is not just creating the family tree. The most interesting part of it is reading the most personal thoughts, words written to the closest people, expressing emotions and true feelings.

If you want to feel the excitement of discovering how little different we are from our ancestors, how similar problems we have, please contact us and share your relatives’ precious memories. We will help you to understand all the details needed to know the past better. Who knows what mysteries can we find in the old letters or documents? Let’s see!