Polish Citizenship

The Polish legal system is based on the principle of blood (ius sanguinis), which means that if one of your parents is Polish, regardless of whether you were born in Poland or abroad - you have the right to Polish citizenship. If your parents were born in Poland there is a huge possibility that you can get Polish citizenship and a Polish passport. The official procedure is a little complicated but possible in many cases.

We will not count for the first analysis of your case then starting this process won't cost you anything. The action you need to take is to prepare every polish document which you have such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate. Hence, some documents are crucial for getting a positive decision. 

The documents we write about here are so important because they seem only for Polish citizens, hence they are proof of the Polish origin of your parents or your ancestors.

1. Paszport (Passport) confirms both identity and citizenship. On the first page of the cover you will find the words: "Paszport - Rzeczpospolita Polska" or "Paszport - Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa".

2. Dowód osobisty (Personal Id Card) - this most common document of every citizen is also an important asset in applying for Polish citizenship. An interesting fact is that Polish pre-war identity cards also played the role of a passport. On the first page of the document there was an inscription "ID card" and inside it was information that it was a passport.

3. Karta Rejestracyjna Reemigracyjna (Re-Immigration Registration Card) - it's a 100% valid passport. After the First World War, there was a large migration movement, mainly due to changes in borders and economic changes. These documents were issued by consulates for Polish citizens returning to their homeland. Their only function was to allow entry to Poland. What is important from our point of view is the fact that they confirmed the Polish citizenship of the bearer of the document.

4. Karta Meldunkowa (Registration Card) - Each resident in Poland was obliged to register at the office of his place of residence. Similarly, owners of tenement houses were obliged to keep a register of tenants. In the past, it was not easy to register your stay, only Polish citizens could do it. Hence, the registration card is also an important document confirming Polish citizenship. 

5. Książeczka wojskowa/Zeszyt ewidencyjny (Military book/Registration Book) - Each soldier receives a military book that confirms his service. It seems that this document has little to do with the citizenship of a given country. In Poland, service in the army is only allowed for Poles.
In connection with this, the military book confirms Polish citizenship. Hence its usefulness.