2019 - Gorlice in Małopolska

This was a very intensive day - first I have visited the archidiocese archive in Kraków and later - Gorlice which showed up to be
a place with many monumental buildings like great cathedral church and it is ready for Chrismas already!

2019 - Przybówka in Podkarpacie

In 2004 parish in Przybówka was separated from the parish in Łęki Strzyżowskie. The vital books go back to 1784 and gives a lot of great information about the history of this village. In Łęki Strzyżowskie there is one of the oldest cemetery where survived the graves from XVII century. If you have the ancestors from this area I am ready to take you there or find the graves of your family.

2018 - Opole in Opolskie voivodeship

This not typical city can offer much more than expected. That was not just a visit in the archive but a great adventure.

2017 - Puławy in Mazowsze

Parish of st. Joseph (in Włostowice) and Czartoryski family palace: After work there is an calm and beautiful place not so far to rest and just take a break surrounded by the nature.

USA 2016 - Traces of Ancestors

Chicago and New York: I followed my ancestor to Ellis Island in New York and had the opportunity to see the places where immigrants from Poland lived in Chicago and had their own communities.